Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Lost Their Child To Death

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Over the years, death has proven that it has no specified destination when it wants to strike. This has often laid a major impact on the lives of some Nigerian Celebrities.

The mystery of mortality has negatively caught up with some of the Nigerian icons taking the lives of their beloved offspring.

Some died as a result of nature while some recklessly died from awful life adventures and activities.

In this article, we shall outline a vast number of Nigerian celebrities that have lost their child to death and detail how it transpired.

Nigerian Celebrities Who have lost their child to death


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David Adeleke who is popularly known as Davido is the latest Nigerian Afrobeat maestro that had lost his son to the painful reality of death.

It all transpired on 31st October 2022 when Davido and his wife-to-be, Chioma Rowland Avril left home for a proposed family meeting. They needed not the company of their only son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, and left him under the care of his Nanny.

As time ticked, the dark time evolved. As disclosed by the Nanny who has been currently detained by the Nigerian Police Department, Ifeanyi left his comfort over the awful effect of her and his co, Chef negligence, and wandered into the swimming pool.

Other sources disclosed by Buzzmyear outlined that the little one struggle to the peak for over 20 minutes and drowned to death.

Discovering that his son had drowned, Davido went crazy and detained all his domestic staff. However, the Police Department released every staff except Ifeanyi’s Nanny and Chef who are still held captive for their awful negligence.

They divulged that both ignored Ifeanyi’s safety to their trust after the young Lady had confessed that she left the little one under the Chef’s watch so as to freely make her private phone call.

Mr Ibu 

John Okafor aka Mr Ibu

Despite the comic nature of the Nigerian Nollywood veteran, John Okafor who is better known by his on-set name, Mr Ibu, death did strike him tragically.

In 2012 during the peak of the Nigerian actor, several sources including Mr Ibu announced the death of his 3-year-old son, Emmanuel Mandela Okafor who died naturally.

This completely broke the Nollywood actor to the extent that he abandoned his goals and went mute for years before returning to set. To date, he still identifies such as the most painful experience he has encountered in his life.



Just Like Davido, the Afrobeat gem, D’Banj lost his son to a drowning saga and since then mourned his departure to date.

In 2018 just after the promising boy turned one, he mistakenly wandered around his father’s mansion under nobody’s care and strictly drowned.

Before D’Banj could notice his absence, he has already drowned and had died from the incident.

Announcing the shocking news, he took to his Instagram and expressed his pain with few emotionally composed words.

In his words, he said:

“Trying times, but my God is Always and Forever Faithful.” 

Nigerians did sympathize with him but it broke him and affected his musical career.

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