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A deceased female evangelist was discovered in a hotel room following an alleged sexual encounter with a Bishop. The individual suspected of involvement in the incident has been apprehended by authorities.

Female evangelist found dead in hotel room after alleged sexual encounter with Bishop; suspect arrested

Female evangelist found dead in hotel room after alleged sexual encounter with Bishop; suspect arrested

The body of a female evangelist named Happiness Echieze was recently found in a hotel room where she and the Bishop of her church had been staying. The incidence at hand happened in Ogborhill, Abia State, at the Jubilee Guest House Ovom. Mrs. Echieze, a 43-year-old mother of five, worked as an evangelist at Agape Evangelical Ministries in Obingwa Local Government Area’s Obikabia Junction.

According to available reports, on the evening of Thursday, August 12, 2023, at around 9:23 pm, Mrs. Echieze and Bishop Timothy Otu were observed to have registered at the hotel and were allegedly involved in a sexual affair. Regrettably, the deceased body of Mrs. Echieze was discovered unclothed within the premises at approximately midnight subsequent to Bishop Otu’s departure from the hotel, without any discernible evidence left behind.

Subsequent to the aforementioned incidents, Bishop Otu was apprehended by the Eastern Ngwa Police Station situated in the Obingwa Local Government Area. The revelation surfaced that Bishop Otu had engaged in deceptive behaviour towards the hotel receptionist, wherein he falsely represented his intention to purchase food at the late hours of the night, then departing from the premises without fulfilling his stated purpose. The motel management expeditiously notified the authorities upon perceiving an anomaly.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement officials to the hotel, they discovered the deceased body of Mrs. Echieze. She was found unclothed, with froth present around her lips and nostrils. Upon conducting a more extensive examination of the contents of her mobile device, it was discovered that there existed a love involvement between her and Bishop Otu, as evidenced by the text messages sent between them.

The law enforcement agents successfully located Bishop Otu at his place of worship situated near the Obikabia Junction, where he was actively participating in the Sunday Service. Following his sermon on the topic of repentance, he was apprehended by law enforcement. According to Maureen Chinaka, the Public Relations Officer of the State Police, it has been verified that the matter has been sent to the State Criminal Investigation Department in order to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

According to the statement provided by Chinaka, it was reported by Mr. Godwin Akpan, a resident of the Jubilee Guest House, that the occurrence was brought to the attention of the police. The individual provided a detailed account of the arrival of Bishop Otu and Happiness Echieze at the guest house, as well as the subsequent discovery of her deceased body in the clergyman’s chamber. The body was found without clothing, and there was a white substance present around her lips and nose. The postmortem examination of Mrs. Echieze’s remains was awaiting completion at the SDA Mortuary in Aba.

The concept of happiness is a subjective and multifaceted phenomenon that has been the subject of Echieze, the deceased evangelist, originated from Umuatakawom in Obingwa, while her spouse was apparently employed in Bayelsa State at the time of this unfortunate event.


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